Ultrasonic plastic welding machine
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Kunshan Bishan Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Qiu

Mobile: 13511638299

Tel: 0512-57398999

Website: www.ksbensonic.com

E-mail: bensonic@vip.163.com

Address: No. 796, pro-Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City

Company Profile

BENSONIC ? SINCE1986, has been the industry leader in high performance ultrasonic welding machines. Twenty years, the most research and development costs in the field of ultrasound, the application of the most advanced microcomputer technology in ultrasound plastic, metal welding, and fully automated all kinds of welding machine. Since 1999, more investment into the Ansys digital simulation analysis software, is the application of the most sophisticated ultrasonic tools to achieve the same level of technology with Europe and the United States and Japan, making the core technology of the vibration system and the welding head to get the most ideal design, To provide customers the real quality of Europe and the United States, Taiwan's price of equipment and services.

The company's research and development, manufacturing products, a unique global characteristics, and has received several patents, and Europe and the United States the most advanced models simultaneously. Leading the country, the light of the nation. And by the Swiss company TELSONIC technology transfer cooperation, the company's products are the total distribution of Taiwan and some Asian agents.

BENSONIC is committed to providing the industry's highest quality machinery, promoting many industrial upgrades, although now has an excellent reputation for the industry's model, the future will be more efforts to seek innovation, the best service, welcome advice.

Our business philosophy and strategy attaches great importance to R & D work and provide customers with different consultancy services. And the company's trade secrets for the most stringent protection, the company has a group of senior R & D engineers and engineers can always provide customer-related services, the supply of the most advanced machinery and equipment to solve their problems. The Company has always uphold this spirit to innovate products, research and development of patent production and at any time to provide a solution to the problem.

BENSONIC future business objectives and direction of the focus on the ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic metal welding, plastic vibration friction welding machine, laser plastic welding machine and ultrasonic special applications, because in these five areas have great market potential worthy of development, To help customers solve their needs at the same time can also drive the company's growth.