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Kunshan Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic Cleaner Technical Analysis Guide

Kunshan Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic Cleaner Technical Analysis Guide

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Kunshan Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic Cleaner Technical Analysis Guide

Cleaning machine: ultrasonic generator is simply a set of frequency with the transducer to match the high-power source, that is, the electrical energy into mechanical energy to the ultrasonic transducer after the oscillator by the ceramic chip to produce acoustic energy to the cleaning tank, the role In the cleaning of liquid, resulting in cavitation effect of the formation of high-pressure impact so that the cleaning of the workpiece clean.

In summary, the ultrasonic generator and the transducer as the core of the ultrasonic cleaning tank, its technical situation has been far behind the development of the times and China's economic needs in many areas. Ultrasonic cleaning machine production status is characterized by obsolete technology, cleaning efficiency is not ideal, high failure rate. This has become a bottleneck that constrains its further expansion of its application. At present, the market is not to improve technology, improve the design, simplify the process structure, reduce costs and improve its cost-effective for the pilot, but often competing at low prices, which the whole industry and ultrasonic cleaning business development has brought negative negative impact , Should arouse our concern. If you do not pay attention to this industry can be described as a direct decline, and ultimately the industry will regret it.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine technology in different regions of the country are different from the different; in East China, the ultrasonic generator system is nothing more than the following:

A, the first generation of products is electronic tube, with the progress of technology, has been out of the product (but there are still manufacturers in the production of small manufacturers, low-end technology, capital investment less).

B, imitation of the United States will letter the company's ultrasonic generator, single board power 300W, the frequency is fixed to 25KHz (self-excited half-bridge output circuit), with a large power transformer, is the market share of the largest share of a simple model The But the circuit is difficult to adjust the ultrasonic transducer in the best frequency resonance point, the output power can not achieve the desired results, the quality is self-evident. But taking into account the generator line is relatively simple, stability is acceptable, the machine debugging well, the failure rate is still very low, combined with the production of this model of small and medium-sized ultrasonic cleaning machine business more We provide the following design for reference: remove the power transformer, reduce the output matching transformer magnetic flux leakage, to reduce, reduce the weight and volume of the machine, reduce costs and improve efficiency purposes. To remove the power transformer, we must first consider to solve two problems, one power input and high frequency power output between the insulation problem: the second is to reduce the supply voltage in the normal work for high-power tube pressure value, in order to ensure the whole The safe operation of the machine (the original machine supply voltage is about DC150V-180V). Figure 1 describes the circuit can solve the supply voltage in line with the original design requirements. Note: When debugging, pay attention to safety, to prevent electric shock.

The output of the original transformer is a single magnetic core, magnetic flux leakage, once close to the iron shell, will form a vortex, resulting in a high heat, it is recommended to switch to IE core, coil by a single group to change the beginning, Level double windings, which can solve the power supply input and high frequency power output isolation and insulation problems. Output of the relevant technical parameters such as the number of turns and the primary order of the turns ratio and inductance due to a number of uncertain factors, it is difficult to give a certain data.

C, MC models and improved models: This is also an old product, the line design cumbersome, due to historical reasons, is not a product in place of design. The door circuit with much, SCR regulator, the process of chaos, high failure rate, has been the user's cold, the production of this model of the original state-owned well-known manufacturers, we believe that only reluctantly get rid of the old backward models, Choose a new model, in order to revive the old glory, based on today's market.

Improved frequency, the so-called "frequency hopping" is actually in the PWM main vibration frequency, plus a multi-harmonic oscillator, the frequency and frequency matching, The output pulse of the oscillator is then modulated to modulate the main vibrator. Although the constant power output, but by the power component MOSFET current capacity limit, did not do full power output, the output power is unsatisfactory, cleaning efficiency has not improved significantly, the application industry is not wide, especially every jump Frequency cycle, the cleaning cylinder there is a cyclical sound, there is no slow start function, and has a "power" knob, once the operation will be faulty failure, and other devices can not be linked control. The reason, did not jump out of the original MC model design framework and ideas, although the replacement of the original dedicated control chip, unfortunately the new chip features are not fully used.

The model in the East China region, only a small number of enterprises in the production, if further improvements, the power components into IGBT, you can expand the machine capacity, try to remove the ring of periodic sound, use the new PWM control chip all Function, such as slow start function and pulse width modulation function, which is very convenient to achieve "a key operation" (only one power switch), after all, a good model.

D, IGBT as a power component used in the ultrasonic generator has attracted a lot of attention and application, but from some products, still did not jump out of the traditional design ideas and methods, for example, just two push components, such as: EXB840 / 841, is a rectangular flat chip package thick film integrated circuit, its size and circuit and its cost has accounted for a considerable proportion, to know a single ultrasonic generator power requirements can not be great. Of course, IGBT for high-frequency power components, because of its high pressure, large capacity, high input impedance, pressure drop is undoubtedly the first choice, which is a step forward.

F, IGBT constant power ultrasonic cleaning machine:

This is the current international popular new generation of power electronic components - IGBT (insulated gate bipolar high-power transistor a module) for the high-frequency power devices, military-grade integrated control chip (PWM rather than CPU) and with independent intellectual property rights Of the innovative circuit, together with the combination of high efficiency transducer, modular design, modular installation process of a new generation of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The machine has three notable features: 1: constant power output. The so-called "constant power" means that in the cleaning tank, the different height of the water level and the size of the workpiece to clean, the cleaning efficiency unchanged. (Reflecting the output power unchanged) to have a stable, efficient, longevity and so on.

To achieve constant power output, the only way is to use the frequency of automatic tracking circuit to achieve, the professional magazine expert forum has recently discussed and analyzed, and introduced a variety of frequency tracking circuit, unfortunately, most of the theory Pass, in the process is difficult to achieve. So the frequency tracking circuit to be practical, simple, low cost. Otherwise it is impossible to form industrial products.

2: The second feature of the machine can be made enough to <99 ℃ heating models, which in the industry is not a small breakthrough.

3: craft concise, is the machine's third feature. Three components, can be formed to adapt to a variety of different frequencies and power of the ultrasonic power generator, simple means reliable, low cost and easy to use and maintenance.

A good ultrasonic power generator also has a good transducer (cleaning cylinder) to match it, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Transducers (Ultrasonic Transducers) play a very important role in ultrasonic cleaners, and are a key executive element. In the current general small and medium-sized production of ultrasonic cleaning machine business, the transducers are purchased products, not pay attention to its quality, or no equipment capacity to test its main technical parameters, such as impedance size, frequency consistency And so on, the hearts of countless, bought on the machine to use, which gave the whole efficiency, life buried quality hidden dangers. Further, even if the test is also a low-power general process of detection, it is difficult to reflect the real work in the actual technical parameters.

Here, based on our years of experience in the production of transducers and lessons learned, summed up a complete set of production transducer technology, coupled with their own research and development of high-power transducer tester, simulated detection of the transducer in the actual Work in the real technical parameters, such as impedance are controlled below 20Ω, the frequency of consistency maintained at 90% or more, from the source to ensure the quality of the product.

According to past experience, piezoelectric ceramic transducers in the work of the chip prone to rupture, pole pieces easy to break, easy to weld the type of mechanism (these are the industry has been a common problem), the occurrence of the failure The reason, in addition to the quality of the transducer itself, mainly because the power generator is not able to track the transducer in the work due to the water level, temperature, the size of the workpiece changes affect the frequency of changes between the two The result of the detuning state. At this point the frequency of automatic tracking is particularly important. The other is not overlooked by the reasons, it is the number of transducers in the cylinder at work when the different frequency of the anti-peak voltage, there is no effective suppression of the consequences.

In addition, the high-frequency voltage output from the ultrasonic generator to the transducer is also an important parameter, but can not be considered "the different circuit of the ultrasonic generator, the output circuit, the voltage of the different foot lead to the important reason for the efficiency of transmission" "low output voltage, The generator consumes a large amount of electricity, while the oscillator is also easy to heat, resulting in the induction of electric field, the appropriate adjustment circuit, increase the output voltage to the oscillator may be very good results.

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