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Ultrasonic applications: Kunshan ultrasound

Ultrasonic applications: Kunshan ultrasound

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Ultrasonic applications: Kunshan ultrasound

① ultrasound test. Ultrasonic wavelength is shorter than the average sound wave, has a good direction, but also through the opaque material, this feature has been widely used in ultrasonic testing, thickness measurement, ranging, remote control and ultrasound imaging technology. Ultrasound imaging is the use of ultrasound to show the image of the internal image of opaque material. The ultrasonic waves emitted from the transducer are focused on the opaque specimen by the acoustic lens, and the ultrasonic waves from the specimen carry the information of the illuminated part (such as the ability to reflect, absorb and scatter the sound waves) In the piezoelectric receiver, the resulting electrical signal input amplifier, the use of scanning system can be opaque sample image displayed on the screen. The above device is called an ultrasound microscope. Ultrasound imaging technology has been widely used in medical examination, in the microelectronic device manufacturing industry used to check large-scale integrated circuits in the material science used to show the different components of the alloy region and grain boundaries and so on. Acoustic holography is the use of ultrasonic interference principle to record and reproduce the opaque object stereo image of the acoustic imaging technology, the principle and the light wave holography is basically the same, but the recording means are different (see holography). Two transducers placed in the liquid are energized with the same ultrasonic signal source, which emits two coherent ultrasonic waves: a bundle of objects passing through the object being studied and the other as a reference wave. The acoustic wave and the reference wave are superimposed on the liquid surface to form an acoustic hologram, and the acoustic hologram is irradiated with a laser beam. The reconstructed image is obtained by the diffraction effect generated by the reflection of the laser on the acoustic hologram, usually by means of a camera and a television Machine for real-time observation.

② ultrasonic treatment. Ultrasonic welding, drilling, solid pulverization, emulsification, degassing, dust removal, foaming, cleaning, sterilization, promoting chemical reactions and biology, using ultrasonic mechanical, cavitation, thermal effects and chemical effects Research, etc., in the mining industry, agriculture, medical and other departments have been widely used.

③ basic research. After the ultrasonic waves act on the medium, the acoustic relaxation process is generated in the medium, and the acoustic relaxation process is accompanied by the energy transfer between the energy of the molecules, and the absorption of the sound waves (see the sound waves) is shown macroscopically. Through the material absorption of ultrasound can explore the characteristics of material and structure, this study constitutes the molecular acoustics of the acoustic branch. The wavelength of the ordinary sound wave is much larger than the atomic spacing in the solid, under which the solid can be regarded as continuous medium. However, for special ultrasonic waves with frequencies above 1012 Hz, the wavelength can be compared with the atomic spacing in the solid, where the solid must be treated as a lattice with a spatial periodicity. The energy of the lattice vibration is quantized, called phonons (see solid physics). The effect of special ultrasound on the solid can be attributed to the interaction between special ultrasound and thermophones, electrons, photons and various quasi-particles. The study of the generation, detection and propagation of special ultrasound in solid, and the study of the phenomenon of quantum liquid-liquid helium play a new field of modern acoustics. Sound waves belong to one of the categories of sound and belong to mechanical wave. Refers to the human ear can feel a longitudinal wave, the frequency range of 16Hz-20KHz. When the frequency of sound waves below 16Hz is called secondary sound waves, higher than 20KHz is called ultrasonic sound waves.

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